PUP introduces team 11 for Belize City

By Marion Ali
Assistant Editor

Dubbed “The Rebirth”, the Opposition People’s United Party’s (PUP) introduction rally for its 11-member Belize City municipal slate took place on Saturday night at the Pound Yard bridge.

The party’s mayoral candidate is Bernard Wagner and councilor candidates are: Dr Candice Pitts, Ayesha Gentle, Delthrude Hylton, Oscar Arnold, Ryan Elijio, Micah Goodin, Allan Pollard, Javier Castellanos, Michael Noralez and Albert Vaughan.

The PUP team hopes to win on a platform offering counseling support, parenting classes, brighter street lights, a southside park, the reintroduction of the Belize City games and basketball and little league baseball, and the elimination of “London bridges.”

Wagner promised the several hundred people that turned out that the team’s campaign leading up to the March 2018 elections will not be negative. “We will leave the petty politics and the mudslinging to those that do it best. I honestly believe the that voters of Belize City and the country want a new kind of politics, a new brand of politics. The voters are tired of lies and name-calling,” he said.

Wagner also focused on what he felt Belize City residents want. “Our voters want solutions to everyday challenges…the struggling single mom trying to raise two kids on minimum wage. She needs a wage, a living wage. The small business owner who, because of dwindling sales, is unable to pay his trade license; he needs relief. The middle-income families, whose mother or father is diagnosed with a critical illness, thus impairing their income; they need help. The families that have to wade in the water-filled streets when it rains. We can do better,” Wagner remarked.

The PUP, which last governed Belize City in 2006, labeled its Belize City municipal campaign “The Rebirth” to underscore the party’s effort to restructure and recoil, having lost by significant margins in all elections dating back to then. It currently holds only one municipality – Orange Walk – and PUP Leader, John Briceno has said that even if the party gains one more municipality, that would be a 100 percent victory over what it currently has.

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