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PUP holds meetings with concerned 11

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

The People’s United Party (PUP) is holding meetings with the 11 of its standard bearers who have raised concerns over the party’s leadership and who have requested for a national convention that would challenge Francis Fonseca as leader.

On Thursday, representations from both sides were presented, but while the party is willing to consider holding the national convention, it is not prepared to agree to their request to challenge Fonseca’s leadership.

Deputy leader, Julius Espat told The Reporter following the meeting that the discussion was positive and that they “agreed on most items. We should conclude by next week. Very productive meeting.”

One of the 11 members told us us that the party has indicated that Fonseca’s leadership will not be challenged because of their belief that generals elections will be called early. But they feel that they should have been consulted in order yo arrive at a conclusion – a process that the party claims not only happened, but at a meeting of all executive members and standard bearers this year, there was a unanimous vote (Including the 11) for Fonseca as leader.

The 11 are also of the view that while the area representatives and the executive council should be unified in the decision-making process, they should operate independently of each other.

Additionally, they feel that the party’s policies should be more rigid and be equipped with better checks and balance systems.

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