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PUP deputies to line front row in House

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

At Tuesday’s Special Sitting of the House, the four People’s United Party (PUP) deputy leaders, who were either elected at the party’s National Convention in January or were appointed, will assume different seats.

In his conversation with television reporters following a meeting with Prime Minister Dean Barrow last week, PUP Leader John Briceno said, “I have decided that all the deputy leaders are going to be seated in the front.”

Briceno did not delve into details of the seating arrangements, but reports that Lake Independence Area Representative, Cordel Hyde, will now sit next to Briceno, suggesting a level of seniority even above former Prime Minister Said Musa or the four party deputies.

Hyde has not yet been given a post on the PUP Executive, but Briceno had indicated from as early as the party’s convention day that Hyde would be offered a senior role when a position is created for him.

At Tuesday’s House Sitting, Deputy Leaders Julius Espat, Rodwell Ferguson, Kareem Musa, and Jose Mai will sit at the front of the opposition pew.

Briceno also did not reveal what position Lake Independence Area Representative Cordel Hyde will be assigned. When he spoke with reporters last week, Briceno did say that there a few positions still open on the PUP’s Executive.

“There are certain post that were not filled in, that are open and some that were left open because of the election. For instance. Hon. Kareem Musa – he was the deputy communications director, but now he is a deputy leader – so that position is open. So I spoke to the Executive, the national executive gave me the authority to meet with different people to see how best we can fit a national executive that would allow us to be able to reach as many people within the party, all the talented people that we have and to reach out,” Briceno said.

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