PUC reviews expert report on water rate increase

By Benjamin Flowers Staff Reporter

The Public Utilities Commission is currently reviewing the independent expert’s report on Belize Water Service Limited’s proposed water rate increase.
According to Rudolf Williams, director of water and waste water at the PUC, the final report was submitted on April 17.

Williams explained that the determination on what percentage the rates would increase by was scheduled to be made this week, but was delayed because of issues with the expert’s report.

“I will not comment on whether or not the rates will increase, “ Williams said, “that is still under the consideration of the commission.”
The report, prepared by consultants of the firm Baker Tilly Hulse, was designed to review the methodology used by BWSL and the PUC in calculating what percentage the rates should increase by.

The report was also designed to make recommendations to the PUC and BWSL with regard to the rates, charges and fees, including those that were approved in the Initial Decision.

The experts determined areas where there was a disconnect between the PUC’s and BWSL’s calculations and recommended that the PUC determine what method BWSL should use to do their accounting and require them through a statutory instrument to follow the method.

Belize Water Services Limited submitted the Annual Review Report for fiscal year 2014 – 2015 to the Public Utilities Commission on December 31, 2013.
BWSL had applied to the PUC for a 16.25 percent increase in water rates, but the PUC only approved a 6.4 percent increase.

PUC had issued an Initial Decision on the Report on January 31, 2014.

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