Professor Bain says pressure applied to prevent his testimony in UNIBAM case

Professor Brendan Bain, former Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network Director, whose contract was abruptly terminated after pressure from advocacy groups in Belize and the Caribbean, said he had been warned against testifying in Belize.

Under cross-examination in Jamaica in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, Bain said he was warned about the consequences of participating in the case.

Professor Bain said he was advised by several of his colleagues not to participate in the case.
Bain said he got the impression from one of his peers that they were trying to negotiate him out of participating in the case. He pointed that he gave his testimony as an expert, based on an order from the court, and not on behalf of anyone.

Bain is suing the University of the West Indies for its decision to terminate his services as CHART Director.

Earlier on Wednesday, the court decided not to extend the injunction which prevented the university’s termination letter of May 20, 2014 from taking effect.
Bain’s attorney said that her client’s termination was a breach of his constitutional right to freedom of thought and expression and that he was defamed by a release posted by the university on its website.

His attorney added that Bain’s expert report to the Court in Belize conveyed the truth and contributed to a “fertile debate” on HIV and the high-risk group of men having sex with men.
The report, she said, contributed to the decision-making process and was an “effective means of promoting tolerance”.

Professor Bain testified in the UNIBAM’s sodomy law challenge, to say that relaxation of the sodomy law in Belize would result in an increase in the number of HIV/AIDS infections.

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