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Prisoner cuts himself free from Independence police station

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reporter

Police at the Intermediate Southern formation in Independence village are asking the public to help them recapture an escaped prisoner, considered armed and dangerous. Shane Bennett, 29, escaped from police custody between midnight and 12:25 a.m. on Thursday January 7th.

According to Officer Commanding the Independence police station, Superintendent Cristobal Valerio, Bennett apparently cut the bar of the prison cell where he was locked up.

Valerio stated that there were five policemen on duty at the time when Bennett escaped and they discovered him missing from the cell when they conducted their routine check within the half-hour. Valerio could not ascertain whether the prisoner was supervised at the time of the escape. They also do not know what tool he used to cut himself free with, or where he got the tool from.

Bennett, a Belize City resident, was brought from the Hattieville Prison to attend court in Independence village and had been at the Intermediate Formation since Monday. He has been at Hattieville for more than a year for charges ranging from burglary to theft.

Police are conducting an investigation, but have not had any leads. They are appealing, particularly to motorists using the Southern Highway, to report any suspicious person to the nearest police station.

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