Predicted: a “dry” rainy season in 2015

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

Forecasters in the Caribbean this week, are concerned about the effects that abnormally dry rainy seasons may have on the productive sector of affected countries.

At the Regional Climate Outlook forum for the 2015 hurricane season, held in CASTRIES, St Lucia, forecasters warned that abnormally low rainfall may persist well into the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season.

At the two-day forum, Cèdric Van Meerbeeck of the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology explained that prolonged dryness could adversely affect the productive sectors of affected countries.

“The dry season is our tourism season. That is when most of our water is being used, not only by tourists, but also extinguishing fires, also by the farmers if they want to irrigate”, Van Meerbeeck said.
He added that with prolonged below-average rainfall, water reserves will not rebound, causing severe shortages.

At the conference, forecasters predicted that Belize will see increased rainfall due to El Niño. However increased rainfall also leaves the country more vulnerable to flooding.

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