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Police shoot machete-wielding man

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

Police say they were forced to shoot a man in the leg this weekend after he allegedly accosted them with a machete.

According to police, officers responded to a call about a chopping incident near Mile 25 on the Hummingbird Highway. They say that upon arrival, they saw Florentino Coc, 32, under a shed near the scene.

Coc, police allege, had chopped Ricardo Oh, 49, and when they tried to approach Coc, he picked up a machete and charged towards them, in a manner the police described as “threatening”.

Officers say that after cautioning Coc several times, he did not relent so they shot him in the right leg. They transferred both Coc and Oh to the Southern Regional Hospital, where both men received treatment. Police are still investigating the motive of the chopping, but have classified Oh’s injuries as “wounding.”

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