Police officer wins huge Fantasy 5 prize

By Michelle Sutherland


A Belize City police constable with 14 years of service to the department became the latest winner of the Fantasy 5 drawing, cashing in on a whopping $435,000 jackpot.


On Wednesday, Dayton Cyril Ogaldez took home $369,750 after 65,250 (15%) of his winnings was extracted for income tax.


Ogaldez said that he had purchased a quick pick ticket with numbers 17, 35,19, 34 and13 at a local store and was still at the establishment when he was informed by the proprietor that someone who had bought a ticket from the store had won the Fantasy 5 prize.


Ogaldez said that upon checking his ticket he realized that he was the lucky winner. He quickly called his family and friends to share the good news.


The lucky police constable says that he finally has the opportunity to build his dream home, purchase a brand new vehicle, pay off several bills and open a savings account.




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