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Police identify British woman found murdered inside Ladyville apartment

By Michelle Sutherland, Staff Reporter

Police have identified the British woman who was found murdered inside her apartment complex on Perez Road, Ladyville.

Michelle Anison, 46, was discovered just before 11:00 a.m., Friday by her landlady. Anison’s body wad found face up with multiple stab wounds to the neck and chest.

Police say Anison’s 4-door Nissan Rogue, which was parked on the apartment’s parking lot was missing, as well her travel documents.

It is believed that Anison’s killer was someone she knew. Residents of the area had reportedly advised her against keeping company with several questionable characters in the community.

Anison was last seen alive at her apartment on Monday, however, her landlady had become suspicious that something was wrong when she failed to answer her phone and submit her rent money.

The landlady reportedly went to check the apartment, and smelled a foul scent coming from inside the building. When she entered, she found Anison’s decomposing body.

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