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Police hold family day on south side

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter


The Belize Police Department, in an effort to foster better community relations, held a family day in the Jane Usher Boulevard area of Belize City on Sunday.

The event featured sports for adults, including as basketball and football, along with children’s games such as sack race, lime and spoon race and hop scotch.

Officer Commanding Police Eastern Division South, Chester Williams, explained that the Department also uses the event as a means of mediation between rival gangs.

“What we did was we found out what groups have rivalry with those from the Jane Usher community, and brought them out here to show them that despite their differences, they do have things in common,” Williams said.

The event marked the third time the Department has held the activity in that community. Williams has committed to continue holding similar events, until he leaves Belize City, for his new post in Belmopan in July.

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