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Police engage communities in face of escalating violence

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

With violent crime trending up in Belize, the Belize Police Department this week continued their “Meet and Greet” community policing initiatives on Belize city’s south side.

Officers from police Precincts I and II, went out on Wednesday to meet with residents from the St. Jude, Lakeview and Curassow Street communities and surrounding areas. 

Officers of various rankings, spoke with community members to hear complaints, get recommendations on how to improve service and get feedback on the policing efforts thus far.

The Department also held a neighborhood watch meeting later that evening.

Since July 2015, the Eastern Division of the Department has been engaging
in a two-pronged approach to policing the city. Precincts I and II held their first Meet and Greet for 2016 on Wednesday January 6. 

Deputy Commander of Police Eastern Division South, Sr. Superintendent Alden Dawson, explained that through the activities, they have managed to open up the lines of communication with various communities and have since been receiving a steady stream of reliable information.

The south side of Belize City has seen several violent acts since the year began, including a murder and a shooting incident involving a pregnant woman. 

The Department says it maintains a high patrol presence in areas which are known to be “hot spots” for crime.

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