Police confiscate trove of guns

By Alexis R. Milan Staff Reporter

The Belize Police Department has taken nine guns off the street in the last week as a direct result of intelligence-led operations, according to Desiree Phillips, Eastern Division Commanding Officer..

According to Phillips, improved citizen cooperation and support have benefited the department and aided in the recovering of the illegal guns.

Police recovered three 9-millimeter pistols, a .357 magnum revolver, a .380 handgun, a .32 pistol, a .38 calibre revolver, an automatic rifle and a .22 bolt-action shotgun.
Phillips said that the guns were all sent to the forensic lab to be processed and tested so that investigations could be carried out.

Last week, Phillips indicated that her main focus after assuming her new role is to boost the moral of officers, rebuild community trust and focus on crime reduction.

“We will continue to remain steadfast but there is a lot that remains to be done and we will definitely succeed with the assistance of the community at large,” Phillips said. She asked for continued community support.

According to Phillips, under her watch the department will maintain high visibility and focus on gathering intelligence. She indicated that her department would continue to build on strategies to tackle gang-violence including continued dialogue with the gangs.

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