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Police assure safe September celebrations

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

The senior command of the Belize Police Department has assured that the Department will do all in its power to ensure that members of the public are safe during the September celebrations.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Edward Boraster, along with Assistant Commissioner of Police Desiree Magdaleno, explained today that the Department has already increased its street presence and will employ several policing strategies to ensure a safe celebrations weekend.

Broaster said that he could not go into the details about the strategies they are employing, but emphasized that residents will notice a visible change during the weekend’s events. He asked that the public cooperate with the officers, and appealed to the officers to be professional when engaging the public.

“There are one or two bars along the route that will be allowed to sell alcohol in plastic cups. We will not be tolerating any alcohol in glass bottles,” Broaster added.

Magdaleno also gave words of caution to carnival participants, asking them to be responsible and ensure their safety.

“You do not get on a truck where there is no space for you, because you may fall off indeed. We will be looking at that and where we see people endangering themselves, we will advise them not to do so,” Magdaleno said.

Police operations leading up to the weekend have already removed two explosive devices and several guns from various locations.

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