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Police accidentally release tear gas at military tattoo

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Dozens of people were affected earlier tonight when the Belize Police Department’s Riot Squad accidentally released a cannister of CS Gas, also known as tear gas, into the audience during it Military Tattoo. The event and incident took place at the Marion Jones Stadium.

The Department has since issued an apology for the incident which occurred at about 8:20 p.m.

“…Members of the Belize Police Department were performing at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex for the Police & Military Tattoo during which time they were using what was known to them and marked “White Smoke.” The White Smoke is known to be unharmful, however one of the canisters used unknowingly contained CS-Gas,” the release states in part.

“A full investigation has been launched and General Jones from the Belize Defense Force has secured all canisters for inspection,” it continued.

The apology ends by saying that the Department will provide further details at a press briefing on Monday.

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