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PM leaves to meet about Stake Bank and banking sector

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

Prime Minister Dean Barrow flew to Miami on Saturday to meet wih officials concerning two seperate issues, the Stake Bank project and the banking sector crisis.

Barrow is expected to return on Tuesday but during his visit, he will meet with officials from Carnival Cruise Line.

In a previous interview, Barrow had indicated that once he had met with Carnival as to their position on the Stake Bank cruise docking facility project, he would then bring the disputing stakeholders from Stake Bank and the Fort Street Tourism Village to the negotiating table and chart a definitive way to resolving the issue.

Barrow will also meet with officials concerning corresponding relations with financial institutions in Belize as some, including the Belize Bank, have already started feeling the effects of US policy toward jurisdictions, like Belize, that have been listed as harmful tax havens.

Two weeks ago at the Summit of the Americas in Panama, US President Barack Obama pledged to Caribbean leaders that he would have the policy reviewed and see where some relief could be brought to the region.

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