PM Barrow says general elections will not be this year

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

Prime Minister Dean Barrow has said that he will not call general elections in 2015, despite the fact that his party is riding a historic political wave and enjoying almost shut-out victories after Wednesday’s town and City Council elections.

Barrow told reporters following his party’s tremendous win that the UDP now needs to deliver on the promises it made to the residents in the various municipalities and “the work cannot be done in three months’ time, he said.

In addition, Barrow feels that calling early general elections could backfire because if people get the sense that “the government is seeking to take advantage of the opposition who is now on the ropes, it might not go down well with people”.

The Prime Minister said his party needs to remain focused and cannot now get too comfortable with the huge win. He acknowledged that the expectations are now higher on his party and the burden is greater. The PM said he wants the elected representatives in his party to “hold themselves to high standards … and stay away from “reputational mix-up”.

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