Pink Eye cases almost back to normal

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Pink eye cases are on the decline countrywide, with the Belize, Cayo, Orange Walk and Corozal districts showing significantly lower numbers of infections as opposed to a few weeks ago when pink eye infections peaked at over 18,000.

The Ministry’s Epidemiologist, Dr. Ethan Gough shared with the Reporter this week that up to November 18 Corozal and Orange Walk had returned to normal, meaning the number of cases were back to within the range where it was around the same time last year.

Corozal and Orange Walk in particular had been back to normal for the past three weeks, Gough said, indicating that the outbreak is over in those districts.

The Belize district has also shown near normal figures, just slightly higher than its normal number of cases for this time of year. Ministry personnel expect the figures to continue to normalize.

Countrywide, there were over 18,000 pink eye cases during the outbreak, and by last indications those numbers had shrunk to just over 2,000 countrywide – the normal number of cases for this time of year.

The Ministry advises people to continue to wash hands regularly and to avoid sharing eye products so as to avoid a resurgence of pink eye infections.

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