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PG Sports Complex opened for Battle of the Drums

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

The multi-million dollar Punta Gorda Sporting Complex will be used ahead of its original opening day, to host the Battle of the Drums this weekend.

Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL), the state-owned company that upgraded the facility, announced that the complex will be used to house the competition on November 10 and 11. BIL noted that the facility has reached “substantial completion,” and has passed a site visit inspection by Punta Gorda Mayor, Fern Gutierrez, and the Local Sports Council Management Committee to ensure the facility is well prepared to host this event.

BIL also noted that there are still works going on at the complex, such as site filling and drainage, but the building itself is ready to use. The newly upgraded complex, which cost around $3.4 million, boasts a center wood court, approved by the International Basketball Federation, with moulded bleachers for over 850 and additional courtside and upper seating to hold a total of 1200.

The facility also includes locker rooms, events changing rooms, offices, concession spaces, ticketing, storage and speciality equipment, including professional GARAD retractable backboards, shot clocks and an electronic scoreboard package, court covers, a media room and a separate rental area for gym facilities.

The official opening of the facility is scheduled for November 17.

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