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“Pawpa” Mena says police presence, jobs, land distribution will be priority issues in his area

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Frank “Pawpa” Mena says issues such as improving police presence, creating jobs, improving land distribution and ensuring that more children have access to education will be top priority during his term in elected office.

Mena, who garnered close to 58 percent of the votes cast in Wednesday’s by-election in Dangriga over the PUP’s Anthony Sabal, was sworn in on Friday as Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security, in Belmopan.

Mena said that there is an urgent need for better lighting and police outposts, particularly in areas along Sarawee and Hope Creek villages.

These were some of the first things he promised to deliver to his constituents before his term in this adminstration expires, when the next general elections are called. First, however, he said there would need to be some kind of assessment to determine the specific locations along the eight-mile stretch of road where these are needed.

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