Patrick Faber’s campaign for UDP Deputy Leader gathers momentum

United Democratic Party (UDP) Chairman Patrick Faber, the area representative for the Collet constituency of Belize City, who is also the Minister of Education, gathered momentum in his bid to become U.D.P. Deputy Party Leader when he hosted the delegates from all 13 Belize District constituencies at the House of Culture last Saturday night, December 15
The banquet was a massive success with a full turnout from 11 of the 13 constituencies; and Faber’s aunt, former Collet area representative 1993-98 Hon. Faith Babb, fully endorsed his candidacy when she addressed the gathering.
UDP party whip, Mesopotamia area representative Michael Finnegan also threw the weight of his division behind Faber, and two-time former Prime Minister Sir Manuel Esquivel and the first UDP party leader Dean Lindo also added their support.
The Port Loyola and Queen Square delegates were conspicuously absent. Faber said he had been unable to get the invitations out to the Queen Square delegates in time.
The Port Loyola delegates gave the event the cold shoulder, perhaps to signal that they would not be supporting Faber’s bid to unseat the present Deputy Leader, Orange Walk North Area representative Gaspar Vega, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister.
Faber was unfazed by the dissenting factions. He has been groomed for UDP leadership from he was in high school, when he was active in the youth arm of the party, supporting his aunt, who at the time was the UDP Minister of Women’s affairs and Human Development.
The UDP convention to elect the Deputy Party Leader is scheduled for February next year.

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