OAS Commission investigation into Danny Conorquie murder

By Marion Ali
Assistant Editor

The same set of international investigators who delved into the shooting death last year of Guatemalan, Julio Alvarado, 13, in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve is now investigating the murder of Belizean Special Constable, Danny Conorquie. He was shot dead at the Caracol Archaeological Reserve in 2014.
At a press conference last Friday in Belize City, Belize’s Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) Pat Andrews told reporters that the dialogue into the Conorquie case continues and that the details would come at a later date.

Conorquie, only 20 at the time, was on duty when he was shot dead in the presence of tourists, by gunmen using high calibre weapons. It is suspected the assailants entered the perimeter of the reserve from Guatemala, and that the incident was triggered from an earlier incident that day when Guatemalans using horses to harvest crops were sent back across the border.

Following the murder of Alvarado, the Guatemalan government asked for an international investigation, which the OAS commissioned. The findings revealed that the boy was shot in a crossfire with BDF soldiers.
The Guatemalans rejected the findings and asked for a second international investigation, but Minister Elrington explained that since the incident happened on Belize’s side of the border, if Belize does not agree to have a second international investigation, and she doesn’t, then there won’t be another.

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