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NTUCB awaits government response to SSB board proposal

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

The National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) has made an alternate suggestion in relation to the appointment of Christian Workers Union (CWU) Secretary General Floyd Neal to the Social Security’s Board of Directors and await the government’s response.

According to NTUCB President Marvin Mora, the union made the decision at their last general council meeting at the suggestion of Neal himself. Neal agreed to step back and have the union select an alternate representative in his place but only until after the finalizing of the collective bargaining agreement.

Mora said the union has selected union member, Phillip Tate to represent the NTUCB on the SSB board of directors as a substantive member for a temporary period of time, until the end of CBA negotiations between the SSB and the CWU. At that point Neal would then assume his place on the SSB board of directors and Tate would revert to his original post.

Mora said the decision was done in the interest of good faith because the SSB has reached a standstill and the board could not meet due to the deadlock, so the decision was made to the SSB could carry out it functions. Mora said the NTUCB believes in being flexible and hopes that the government would do the same.

Mora said the growth of the SSB is very important as they perform many vital services for workers across the country and they have tried as best as possible to resolve the issue of the appointment but are adamant that Neal should be appointed to the board.

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