Norris Leslie dies in Florida

His many friends in Belize will be grieved to learn of the death of Norris Hillary Leslie Sr. on the morning of May 1, 2014, in the City of Stuart, Martin County, USA.

Norris grew up on West Collet canalside, with his boyhood buddy, businessman Tony Leslie of Leslie’s Imports. He also lived for some time on Nargusta Street, Belize City.

Norris died from the effects of surgery for colon cancer, leaving his present wife, Laura, to mourn his passing.
He is survived by daughters Darlene, Francine, Dyann and Keisha and his sons Norris lll, Lance, Clifford and Jovan, aged 10.
Norris left Belize as a young man to see the world.
He joined the United States Armed Forces and served with distinction in Vietnam.

He lived most of his adult life in California and Florida and was known as an avid amateur cyclist.
Norris was buried with military honours as a war veteran. Funeral services were held at Treasure Coast Seawinds Funeral Home.
He was 69.

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