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NICH raises the bar for National Song Competition

By Alexis R. Milan

The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) through the
National Celebrations Commission (NCC) launched its annual song
competition this week. NICH says that heavier emphasis will be
placed on lyrical content this year.

President of NICH and co-chair of the NCC, Diane Haylock explained
that the commission has decided to make major changes in the format of the competition this year because over the past few years they have had concerns about the quality of submissions, particularly the lyrics. “We feel that the content of the songs are not as rich as it could be and part of our objective at NICH is to really see the growth and development of our music industry in Belize,” Haylock said.

Haylock explained that NICH intends to work with artists to help them improve the quality of their lyrics and their music. It will do so by organizing workshops to work closely with the artists participating in the competition and will provide technical assistance for them. This assistance includes guiding artists to use proper grammar, staying away from repetitive lyrics, making sure that the lyrical content is appropriate and making sure the music is cohesive.

According to NICH, over the years they have had concerns with all of these issues.

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