New gasoline prices through the Roof

Effective 12  midnight on Monday,  August 27, the price of gasoline advanced to new heights – $11.95  a gallon for regular and $12.97 for premium gasoline.

Diesel price remains stable at $10.17 a gallon.

At the beginning of the year  gasoline  prices started out at $10.55 for regular and $10.90 for premium. Diesel was at $10.04.

Gasoline saw it’s first increase in January when prices jumped by  27 cents, then by 32 cents and 45 cents respectively.

Since the beginning of the year, Belize has seen 11 price changes.

Only minor reductions in price have been recorded, and these were for relatively short periods of time. The best month for gasoline purchases this year was in May, when all prices fell, premium by as much as 80 cents.

With the  trend  heading upwards, another price change can be expected by mid September, when new shipments of fuel arrive.

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