New Civic to finish this year

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

The Belize Civic Centre is scheduled to be complete by the end of this year with the inauguration of the facility expected for early 2018, provided there are no delays with the upcoming rainy season.

The Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL), headed by Director, Christy Mastry, is completing the facility as one of the last sporting arenas under the current mandate.

Mastry told the Reporter that everything is on track and despite upcoming the rainy season, she foresees no delays with the project. “All of the steel frames that we are bringing in from the UK have been coming in on time as scheduled and all the components of the frames have been installed accordingly and we’ve had the senior engineers coming from the external companies come in to cross-check to make sure the components of the framework is going up accordingly. The roof is now fully installed. The overall skeleton is fully installed, so now we’re able to come in with the concrete blocks which house stairwells…and enclosed portions of interior of the building. We’ve already cast the interior floor, on which the hard courts’ surface will be laid,” she updated.

In another month from now the metal cladding will be laid and over the next few months, the wooden courts and their equipment and appropriate lighting will be installed, after which the outdoor portion of the project will come on stream in the latter part of the year.

Contractors, Medina’s Construction Company and International Environments Ltd. are carrying out the construction at a cost of BZ $30 million. Work on the “Civic” started three years ago with the dismantling of the old facility.

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