New $10 garbage fee for Belize City residents. Funds will be used to pay Municipal Bond, Mayor says

With effect from January next year, every Belize City household will have to pay a fee  of $10 a month for  garbage disposal.

The announcement came from Belize City Mayor Darrel Bradley, who said the Belize City Council (CITCO) estimates that the new fixed charge will generate $1.09 million.

The funds will be used to help defray the cost of the municipal bond, Bradley explained.

Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) will serve as the collection agent, and as of mid-December, the garbage fee will be listed as a separate charge on the resident’s BWSL utility bills.

The charge is proportionate, Bradley said, to the cost of upgrading the city’s streets and the expenses incurred for CITCO’s social outreach program.

“We have to charge this fee to ensure that, while we’re providing these services, the Council doesn’t go broke,” he said.

Bradley also pointed out that the new charge is not unusual. It is a common practice in most towns across Belize. He said that such fees are usually proportionate to the amount of public services provided.

Bradley explained that it is important for  Belize City residents to  realize that they need to take an active role in the city’s development. This is one way in which they can participate, he said.

In some communities the system is so advanced that the government does not even function as intermediary. The residents  themselves make direct arrangements with the sanitation companies.

To date, the Belize City Council has paved more than 30 streets with concrete, and with the funds it expects to receive from the Municipal Bond, CITCO intends to pave several more.

The prospectus for the Municipal Bonds will be launched on Thursday, November 15, Mayor Bradley said.

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