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Nestor Mendez takes on new role of new OAS assistant SecGen

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

Former Belizean ambassador to the United States (US) and Organization of American States (OAS) permanent resident Nestor Mendez took on his new role as that body’s new Assistant Secretary General on Friday morning in Washington DC.

The ceremony was held at OAS Hall of the Americas headquarters. Mendez was welcomed by a body of his colleagues, including OAS Secretary General Luis Almargo Lemes and OAS Permanent Council Chair Hugo Maurin.

Mendez reaffirmed his commitment to the OAS and pledged his dedication to continuing and building on the work of the Organization. He will serve as Assistant Secretary General for five years.

Mendez had previously said with his new role he hopes to continue to build on the work the Organization has done in relation to the Belize-Guatemala dispute.

Mendez said the OAS remains committed to facilitating the dispute and he wants to see if there are ways that the Organization can expand its contributions in terms of facilitating that process. Mendez added though that he doesn’t know if he will be directly involved in that process as that role, in the past, has been usually reserved for the Secretary General of the Organization.

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