National Sports council begins country wide rehab sweep of facilities

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

The National Sports Council, this week, under its new directorship, began a country wide mission to rehabilitate sporting facilities.

On Monday, newly appointed Director, Ritchel Dominguez, explained that works have already started at the MCC Grounds on Princess Margaret Drive, which will coincide with several other projects including the Marion Jones Sporting Complex and the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk.

Works to be done at the MCC will include: upgrading the pitch, clearing away old posts and structures and replacing them with brand new posts and lights at the four corners of the facility. The council will also widen the gate. The Belize Defense Force (BDF) assisted in the project by providing several of its officers to do the manual labour.
“There isn’t much funding so what we are doing is partnering with the business community to see how they can assist us in getting them to where we want,” Dominguez said.

He added that there are also plans in the works, with a private sector partner, to upgrade parking in the area, however, that project is still in its initial planning stages.
Dominguez said since Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL) is building new facilities in both the Stann Creek and Toledo districts, the council will be looking into raising the standard of, and maintaining the other facilities around the country.

Dominguez, who took up office at the beginning of January and succeeds Patrick Henry, said the MCC was prioritized because when the facility was closed for renovations in 2014, works began but were never completed, which made the field unsafe for the children who were using it. He confirmed that one child was hurt due to the field’s condition, which prompted the council’s intervention.

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