National Security CEO speaks on police corruption

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

The Ministry of National Security says it will continue its zero tolerance policy against police corruption.
The Chief Executive Officer in the ministry, Ret. Colonel George Lovell, speaking on the extensive work that the ministry has done to improve the working conditions for police officers, emphasized that elicit activities under the guise of a small salary is unjustifiable.

“They knew what the job requirements and the salaries are, so their corrupt acts are not excused by saying they have a small salary,” Lovell said.

He pointed out that the ministry has increased the number of officers, from 1200 to 1700, and are still acquiring new equipment for the department. He also underscored the salary adjustment given to police officers, raising their number of increments from 13 to 20.

Lovell’s comments came after a police constable in Caye Caulker was arrested and charged for extortion. Police Constable number 621, Daniel Requeña was charged after he took money from Canadian national Stephanie Essiambre.

Essiambre complained that Requeña had found her in possession of marijuana and threatened that she would go to jail if she didn’t give him $800.

Requeña was released on bail pending his hearing on June 30. He is the second officer to be charged with extortion this year, the first being Bernard Villanueva, constable in charge of the Bella Vista Village Station.

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