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Murder on Antelope Street Extension

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Unconfirmed but reliable reports are that a man was murdered before midnight last night in Belize City.

Police have acknowledged that a shooting happened on Antelope Street Extension in the Collet area, but reliable reports are that the man died at the scene and was taken to the KHMH morgue in the pan of a police pickup.

The incident happened sometime around 11:00 p.m., just a few hundred yards from where a police intelligence bus had been stationed for the past two months to quell bloodshed and drug activity in the area.

Police say they will release the details of the incident later on today.

Meanwhile, before 2018 was even an hour old, more than a dozen gunshots were heard off Antelope Street, this time, even closer to where the police intelligence vehicle is stationed at the corner of Antelope and Elston Kerr Streets. It is nkt yet known if anyone was wounded in that incident.

The Reporter will provide details of these incidents as they become available.

(Attached is a photo of the murder scene on Antelope Street Extension, courtesy: Ignacio Mahung)

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