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Mother shot dead; daughter, 9, son, 21, injured

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

A woman is dead and her daughter, 9, and son, 21 are injured after someone ran in their yard and opened fire at their house on Friday night.

Police say that sometime around 9:35 last night, Bernadine Lauriano, 52, a sanitation worker of # 6831 Aloe Vera Street, was inside her house along with her daughter, also named Bernadine Lauriano, 9, and son, Danzel Lauriano, 21, when the youth ran through their yard and fired shots at their house.

The mother, Bernadine was shot in the chest and died this morning while receiving treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, while the younger was shot in the right hand and a toe on her right foot. Danzel was not discovered injured until this morning, police say. He was shot in the left leg. He and his little sister are in stable conditions. Police are investigating the incident.

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