Mother of drowned teen questions circumstances of son’s death

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

The mother of Tomari Jackson, the 14-year-old American who drowned in Belize on Saturday, is questioning the circumstances of the boy’s death.

“Why wasn’t he missed until later, until after the fact?” Adell Forbes asked as she spoke with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The single mother lost her only child on Saturday, while he was on a one-week school trip at the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. Forbes said in her interview that she wasn’t concerned about her son’s safety because she trusted the school, which sent six chaperones on the trip.

Her son was also a Boy Scout and knew how to swim. These factors make the entire incident difficult for Forbes. “It just doesn’t make sense to me at all,” she said in the interview.

The distraught mother said that up until Monday, she had still not been informed how her son died. She shared that from the moment the boy heard about the trip, he wanted to be a part of it because he loved traveling and nature.

Forbes has tentatively planned her son’s funeral for Friday, four days after what would have been a celebration of his 15th birthday.

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