Monkey River still grappling with erosion

By Marion V. Ali

Assistant Editor

The residents of Monkey River village are hoping that their beach erosion problem will be delayed, if not deterred, with the purchase of wire baskets to fill them with rocks and place them along the shoreline.

A few weeks ago, the Belize City Council assisted in getting a donation of truck tires from businessman, Yhonny Rosado to the village, but former Village Chairman, Richard Pitts told the Reporter on Wednesday that the tires, like the ones used on a previous occasion, did not work.

“They all washed ashore because the waves are too big,” Pitts said. “We are doing the baskets filled with rocks like what they are doing by the riverside going to Ladyville,” he continued.

Pitts said the villagers are waiting on the material to arrive so they can begin the work of stock-piling in the most vulnerable areas. The government has pledged to provide the rocks, he recalled, while the village council will purchase the wire  baskets at a cost of $27,000.

Meanwhile, yet another house has been partially claimed by the waves in Monkey River. Claude Murray, an elderly resident, has nowhere to go if the sea washes away his house.  , Tombs are also being undermined and washed ashore by the powerful waves.

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