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MOH observes World TB Day

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

Key departments of the Ministry of Health gathered for a health fair today, to educate the public on Tuberculosis, in commemoration of World Tuberculosis Day.

The Ministry held the health fair on the Cleopatra White Poly Clinic II compound, in Belize City. The Ministry gathered various departments, such as its dental and pathology units to explain how Tuberculosis affects different areas of the body.

Kevin Mendez, HIV/TB Adherence Counselor with the Ministry, explained that the Ministry maintains constant public awareness and screening activities, despite only having 120 reported cases of TB.

“Its still a public health concern, because of how easy it is to transmit TB. If only one person in a household has TB, everyone is at risk,” Mendez said.

He added that the symptoms of TB are easily confused with other respiratory infections, which often causes patients to discover the condition at a late stage. Those symptoms include a persistent cough, fever, and night sweats. More advanced symptoms include changes in appetite and weight loss. 

Mendez said that members of the public who either experience those symptoms, or know someone experiencing them, should get screened at the nearest public health clinic.

World TB Day is celebrated annually on March 24. The global theme for the 2017 commemoration is “Unite to End TB.”

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