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Miss Dangriga will be crowned Queen of the Bay instead of Miss Orange Walk!

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Chairman of the September Celebrations, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber has over-ruled a decision made Friday by the National September Celebrations Committee.

Faber, on his Facebook page tonight, announced that Miss Dangriga, Aaliyah Ysaguirre, will be crowned Queen of the Bay 2017, instead of Miss Orange Walk, Esmeralda Cal.

Faber’s decision came after a meeting earlier tonight with the Stann Creek Queen of the Bay Committee, which asked him to intervene following the decision late Friday by the National Queen of the Bay Committee.

In his Facebook post, Faber said: “Queen of the Bay coordinator Zenaida Moya was disrespectful and left the meeting without providing the right evidence that supported a queen other than Miss Stann Creek to take the crown tomorrow!”

The crowning will take place at the Memorial Park in Belize City tomorrow morning during the traditional September 19th day ceremony.

(Details of the National Queen of the Bay Committee’s decision and the Stann Creek Committee’s response can be viewed on the Reporter website at

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