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Ministry of Agriculture regrets loss of production to small farmers

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reporter

The Ministry of Agriculture released a statement on Saturday, stating that they regret the loss of production, especially to small farmers.

Following the wastage of carrot production in the north of Belize surfacing last week, the Ministry explains the cause of the wastage as an incident of simply, an untimely decision.

The Ministry claims that it decided to import carrots, at this precise time, albeit there is local production, because they feared local production might not have met the demand for carrots.

“The importation of fresh vegetables is necessary to supplement domestic production, as Belize does not have sufficient year-round production”, said the Ministry in a press release.

The issue comes after an outburst of frustration coming from local farmers, mainly from San Carlos village in the Orange Walk District, when their sales were stifled because of over-supply.

“Importation is usually carefully timed to avoid over-supply or shortage of produce”, the Ministry.

The Ministry stated that another reason for the over-supply might be that contraband importation of fresh produce is common in the north.

They assure the farmers that they are looking into the problem to resolve it as soon as possible and have since, noticing the over-supply, stopped issuing carrots importation licenses.

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