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Minister Heredia says environment comes first

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia, has said that he would oppose any project which would be harmful to Belize’s reef including Puerto Azul if the project proves to be non-feasible.

The tourism minister told reporters following Friday’s House Sitting that “When it comes we will look at the evidence, if I see that it something that will be harmful what is my job? To make sure that if it will harm I will oppose it.”

Heredia added that he would support the project if it is in the best interest of the country. “I love the environment, I believe in conservation and I believe in sustainable development,” Heredia said.

The parliamentarian also explained that he was invited to Cannes France by the developers to view a model concept but it doesn’t mean that his support has been bought. He added that the government has a responsibility to entertain any potential investor.

In terms of Puerto Azul, Heredia said that the project has received the green light from government to conduct their Environmental Impact Assesment and submit it to Cabinet. Heredia said the EIA would hopefully be completed sometime within the next few months.

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