MFA says Guatemalans did not search embassy residence

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is scurrying to deny reports that the residence of Belize’s Ambassador to Guatemala, H.E. Alexis Rosado, was searched by Guatemalan authorities late last week.

According to a press release issued on Thursday, “while it is correct that certain sections of Guatemala’s law enforcement made the attempt, at no time did they enter the Ambassador’s residence, nor was a search ever done.”
The attempted search is related to the recent May 8th resignation of Guatemalan Vice-President, Roxana Baldetti.

An ongoing investigation has been launched into massive Customs corruption by Guatemalan prosecutors. Customs officials received bribes to defraud the Guatemalan government of millions of dollars by charging lower duties. The alleged ringleader of the scheme was the former Guatemalan Vice-President, Roxana Baldetti.

In an interview this week, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington revealed that it is “strongly believed” by Guatemalan authorities that the property being rented by GOB as the Ambassador’s residence in Guatemala is owned by Baldetti.
That was the reason for the attempted search. He says he got word from Ambassador Alexis Rosado that “in fact she (Roxana Baldetti) may have been the beneficial owner of the property and that the security forces in Guatemala, or the section of the forces that deals with crime and investigation wanted to search the premises.

The release went on to state that after the unsuccessful attempt was made, “Concern was raised by the Ambassador with authorities in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, who regretted this development. They explained that the Prosecutor’s Office is an entity independent of the Executive, but undertook to take the necessary actions to prevent its reoccurrence given its status as diplomatic premises.”

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