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Mexican ambassador: “Mexico has not shown any increases in carrot exports to Belize “

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Mexico has not shown any increases in carrot exports to Belize recently, says Mexico’s Ambassador to Belize, Carlos Quesnel Melendez. This is despite the plight of local carrot farmers, who have had to dispose of their carrots because of what they say is an overflow of imported Mexican carrots, which claim is approved by the government.

The carrot farmers, mainly from the Orange Walk District, say they have had to dump around 70 percent of their carrots because import permits, granted by the government to select importers, have caused an over-flooding of carrots at the markets. The Government has denied that claim, saying it does grant import permits for carrots, but only when the local supply does not meet the demands.

When he held a media luncheon last week with local journalists. Ambassador Quesnel Melendez said, “We have seen the last statistics and we have not seen a change in pattern in the carrot exports to Belize from Mexico; so there has been a quota, and this amount of carrots, we export to Belize – all the same as last year. And we have data up to October, but we don’t see a change of pattern.”

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