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Menjivar vs. GSU adjourned

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

The Supreme Court, on Friday, adjourned Belmopan businessman Miguel Menjivar’s case against the Government of Belize, for the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) shooting up his house in May 2011.

Attorneys for both sides went before Justice Michelle Arana, to settle pre-trial matters, including indicating objections that the state would make. Justice Arana adjourned the case to October 26.

Menjivar explained that while he is frustrated by the length of the process, he intends to see the matter through to its completion.

“I don’t know how many years they want to keep us like this”, Menjivar said. “If this was a small matter we would have forgotten it by now, but, this is a big matter that happened here.”

He added that since the Court already stated that the GSU was in the wrong, he is disappointed that no one has come forward and apologized for the ordeal that he and his family endured.

Arthur Saldivar, Menjivar’s attorney, explained that one of the pre trial matters that needed to be addressed was his taking over the case from the original attorney, Dickie Bradley.

He also said that they are willing to settle out of court; however, the government has chosen to fight the case, even in the face of the court ruling, vindicating Menjivar.

The GSU raided Menjivar’s house while it was still dark on the morning of May 20 2011. During the raid, they killed five dogs and riddled his house with over 120 bullets. The officers did not identify themselves, and Menjivar, defending his home and his family, used his licensed fire arm to return fire.

He was subsequently charged with nine counts of attempted murder, but was acquitted two and half years later.

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