Meat pie icon passes

By Benjamin Flowers

Belizeans, in and outside of Belize City, joined in mourning the passing of one of the most respected meat pie vendors in the country, Arthur Francisco, better known as “Mr. Pou.”

Known for operating Pou’s Meatpies on New Road for more than three decades, Francisco passed away around 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, February 12. Relatives say that he’d recently had a surgery and was doing well up until the Saturday before his death.

Francisco started his meat pie business in the 1970’s on Albert Street along with his wife Rose Pou, for whom the shop was named. They moved to New Road in the 80’s and have been there since. Customers recalled this week, his good nature and emphasis on courtesy for and from all his patrons.

Apart from his now legendary meat pies, Francisco also had many other achievements in his lifetime, including being a faithful attendee of Emmanuel International Church and becoming an ordained pastor of a Church of God in Christ .

He was also an accomplished athlete, going as far as to represent the country in 1966 at the Commonwealth Games in Jamaica in the weight-lifting category.

He leaves behind three daughters and 12 grand children. His step daughter, Maria, told the media this week that she intends to continue the family business and stay true to the recipes which made the establishment great.

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