Mayor says street works will continue in 2014

By Alexis R. Milan Staff Reporter
Belize City Mayor Darrel Bradley announced that the infrastructural work in Belize will continue into the next year with the entire length of Vernon Street and Youth for the Future Drive.
The works are to be completed by mid-February 2014, Bradley explained.
He said that by December, the Belize City Council had reached their goal of concreting 100 streets for the year 2013 and that they are currently finishing streets such as Baghdad Street, Park Avenue, Madam Liz Avenue, and Alexander Street.
Bradley also stated that through funding from the Ministry of Finance the Belize City Council would be able to do the area of Princess Margaret Drive in front of St. John’s College, and the area in front of the Marion Jones Stadium.
Bradley also addressed the concerns of residents who say that a portion of Baymen Avenue has noticeably been left undone for an extended period of time now. He explained that the reason there has been delay in this area is because the Flood Mitigation Project is going to build a canal under that street.
He said that the Flood Mitigation Project, which is being done through the Ministry of Works, is responsible for the delay in finishing Baymen Avenue and Cinderella Plaza because they are awaiting a design from a German company.
Bradley also stated that this is much to Belize City Council’s dismay because they want to be able to complete their infrastructure projects. Once this is done, the Mayor said that Baymen Avenue would be completed and the Cinderella Plaza would also be concreted.
Bradley explained that the BCC ended up doing some of the streets that were supposed to be done by the Flood Mitigation Project because they had been taking so long, including Juliet Soberanis Street and Albert Hoy street. The Mayor said that if the other streets under the Flood Mitigation Project were not completed in a timely manner the BCC would have to find the funding to go ahead and do those streets.

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