Mayor Bradley: Contractors must repair faulty streets at their own expense

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley has said that he is aware that certain streets that have been concreted over the past two years are already in a state of degradation. He said he would meet with the responsible contractors to ensure Belize City gets proper value for money.

Bradley said he would meet with the contractor who did the works on Cemetery Road, Sixth Street and Mosul Street where remedial work has already become necessary.

The City intends to get good value for its money and the contractor will be made to repair the streets, Bradley said. He added that the problem with those streets arose because of the quality of cement that the contractor used.
Bradley also indicated that there are at least 10 other streets that will receive remedial work and repairs, including the asphalting of potholes on major streets.

The Mayor explained the works couldn’t be undertaken over the Christmas holiday due to the rains, but promised those works will be done very soon.
Bradley also indicated that the Council will clear inundated drains and facilitate proper drainage.

Bradley said apart from the few streets that need remedial work, most of the concreted streets have been of good quality, durable and of reasonable cost.
According to Bradley, there may also be even more infrastructural work, including more street concreting after the upcoming municipal elections in March.

Bradley said there is an option in the municipal bond, in which the municipality can approach the investors and ask them to re-invest in the bond to pave even more streets with concrete.

Bradley said that payment of the first tranche of the bond in December makes $1.5 million available to the City to re-invest in infrastructural work. After the municipal elections in March, he said, whoever occupies City Hall may want to consider this option.

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