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Man wanted by police for burning down brother’s house

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reporter 

Jeovannie Mejia, an Orange Walk resident from Otro Benque Street is wanted since Thursday night for arson. 

The fire was reported at around 9:13 p.m. in the Petville area, between San Estevan and Orange Walk Town. 

Mejia’s brother, Andy Leroy Mejia stated that his brother set fire to the house after having gotten into an argument with their father. 

The Fire Department could not save the house and it burnt to the ground. By the time the police arrived at the scene, Mejia had escaped and is now wanted by for arson, according to Officer in Charge of the Orange Walk police station, Nicholas Palomo.  

Palomo stated that they do not believe the family is abetting the arsonist by hiding him, and have no leads of his whereabouts at the moment.

The concrete and wooden two story house with zinc roofing, measuring 25 feet by 12 feet, was burnt to the ground with all furniture and family belongings inside. 

The family lost everything, estimated at around $15,000. The house was not insured. 

Police could not ascertain what the argument was about that led Mejia to such a drastic act. When found and tried, Mejia is looking at the maximum sentence for arson that carries a sentence of 13-15 years in prison. 

The house Mejia burnt down was in the Petville area, but his current residence is in Otro Benque Road in Orange Walk Town. Orange Walk Police are asking the public for assistance to locate Mejia. 

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