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Man crushed to death by 18 wheeler truck

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

A man was crushed to death by an 18-wheeler truck today in western Belize.

Police say that they responded to the report just after 11:00 a.m., at the cargo area at the western border in Benque Viejo Town. There they saw the body of a man between the rear wheels of a freight truck bearing Belize license plates and with an trailer attached. He had suffered injuries to his head and upper body.

Police investigations revealed that sometime arou d 10:45 this morning, Jose Guevara Guerra, 53, a Guatemalan truck driver of Santa Ana Peten, Guatemala was driving his truck off the compound when he was alerted that the victim, Marcus Fernando Zabaleto, 38, also a Guatemalan truck driver of neighbouring Melchor de Mencos, was lodged between the wheels of his trailer.

Zabaleto, who had reportedly been driving for three days non-stop, had grown fatigued and had gone to take a nap under the truck when Guevara drove off unaware that he was there. Zabaleto was said to be delivering building material from Guatemala.

Police are investigating.

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