Lucky Mom wins $$$ half a million!

By Dyllan Lawrence
Staff Reporter

The Mek mi Rich game show has been around for almost a year now and for months they have been asking individuals “What would you do if you won half a million dollars? ” Josephine Humes of Banak Street finally got to answer that question on July 2nd, when she won the jackpot of $500,000.

At a press briefing held on Tuesday, July 7th, Humes was presented with a big check. She is not only the first winner of the game show but also Belize’s biggest jackpot winner ever.

According to Humes this is the first time she has ever won something like this. She claims that she has been supporting the game show from the start, usually playing the quick pick.

When asked what were her plans for the future she mentioned “Well, my house first because I am paying house rent right now and then my grandson just will be starting to go to college, so that will be for him.”

When asked about her reaction upon the news that she won her response was “happy, happy, happy happy. I couldn’t know weh to put myself.”

According to Mek Mi Rich game host, Dillon Jones.” It is not every day you spend three dollars in Belize come up on five hundred thousand dollars. But it’s a real lucky game and the producers have designed the game in such a way that people can have fun.

One can sit at home and see participants eat pepper and drink habanero sauce in exchange of a hundred or fifty dollars. It has changed the face of entertainment and lottery in Belize.

Humes claims she will continue playing and urges others to do the same. She will be taking home $425,000 after taxes.

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