Lions Club gets equipment for rapid eye screening for children

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

A group of doctors from abroad has completed familiarization sessions with the organizers of the Belize Lions Club’s Eye Care Program for needy children, showing them how to use special eye screening equipment.

Through a grant from the Lions Clubs International Foundation along with local contributions from the four Lion Clubs in Belize, government ministries, non-government organizations, and the local business community, the Lions Clubs of Belize will use special portable eye screeners to conduct a National Children’s Eye-Screening Program.

The program will cater to children from the age of 3 to 14 throughout Belize. Lion members and non-member volunteers will conduct the eye-screening sessions in September.

The Lions Clubs of Belize are committed to pay for eye glasses for children who need them and whose parents/guardians cannot afford to pay for them.
The Lions Club of Belize says that the special eye screener is a portable hand- held piece of equipment which allows the examiner to take rapid mass eye screenings in a matter of seconds per child.

By producing a ‘pass’ or ‘referral’ reading for each child, the eye screener will be able to to assess eyesight problems. Children who need vision corrections will be detected early and will be able to get help to enable them to see clearly.

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