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La Ruta Maya river race ends in photo finish

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

The three-man team for Oceana out-paddled the Koop Sheet Metal team to cross the finish first, less than two meters ahead, at around 11:15 Monday morning, in the 19th annual La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge.

The two teams came down the Haulover Creek for a couple miles along with four others, and at the final 50 yards nearing the finish at Bottom Dollar, downtown Belize City, Oceana out-paddled Koop Sheet Metal to win $500, courtesy Smart.

Westrack was third and the Belize Bank Bulldogs crossed the finish fourth, followed by the team from NICH in fifth, and BTL’s Cobb’s Arms in sixth position.

Up to the end of the third leg of the race on Sunday, Koop Sheet Metal was in first place in the male category with an accumulated time of 14:28:20. BTL’s Cobb’s Arms was in second with 14:29:17; while Belize Bank Bulldogs stood in third position with an accumulated time of 14:32:33.

In the female category the Belize Bank Bulldogs team was in first position with an accumulated time of 16:17:51.

The overall winners of the race will be announced, during an award ceremony at 3:00 p.m. today.

The four-day canoe race started with 51 teams in San Ignacio town on Friday and stopped in Banana Bank, then Bermudian Landing, then at Henderson’s Bank before the finale in Belize City.

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